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General Information

The first annual CARE meeting will take place at DESY from November 2 until November 5, 2004. A description of how to get DESY and a ground plan of the laboratory can be found on the DESY WebPages.

Local Registration:

Local Registration for the CARE meeting starts on Tuesday November 2 at 8:00 am in the foyer of the auditorium (building 5 on the ground plan)

Social Program:

A welcome for the participants is foreseen for Tuesday November 2 and a conference dinner for Thursday November 4 in the Bistro (building 9a). Tickets for the conference dinner (40 EUR) have to be paid in cash at the registration.

Opening hours of the DESY canteen, cafeteria and bistro (building 9 and 9a):

Canteen: Monday - Friday from 11.00 until 14:00
Cafeteria: Monday - Friday from 07:00 until 17:00
Bistro: Monday - Friday from 17:00 until 23:00

In order to avoid long waiting times in the canteen during lunchtime it is recommended that the participants of the meeting take their lunch after 13:00.

Scientific Program:

Tuesday, November 2:
NETWORK presentations of ELAN (linear colliders), HEHIHB (proton accelerators) and BENE (neutrino beams).

Wednesday, November 3:
Status and progress of the JOINT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES SRF (superconducting RF), PHIN (photoinjectors), HIPPI (high intensity pulsed proton injection) and NED ( high field magnet R&D).

Thursday, November 4:
Plenary sessions (JRA and networking activities).

Friday, November 5:
Plenary sessions (tentative: LC Technology, Summary of EUROTev kick-off meeting). Closed session of the CARE management.

ECFA/BENE Workshop:

Combined with the annual CARE meeting on the first two days, November 2 and 3, there will be the ECFA/BENE Workshop:

"The Future of Accelerator Neutrino Experiments in Europe"

(organized by V.Palladino (INFN))


The parallel sessions of the workshop and the CARE meeting will take place in various seminar-rooms (Sem R) located on the DESY site:

Sem R 1 (building 1)
Sem R 2 (building 2a)
Sem R 3 (building 1b)
Sem R 5 (building 1b)
Sem R 456/25f (building 25f HASYLAB)
Sem R 235/25b (building 25b HASYLAB)
Gr. Gästespeiseraum (building 9)
Sem R 362/30b (building 30b)

The rooms will be equipped with notebook/PC, beamer and overhead projector.

Locations of rooms at the DESY-Site

Computational facilities:

In addition to the computers in the seminar-rooms there will be a central cluster of PCs available to the participants in the foyer of the auditorium (building 5) with unrestricted internet access. WLAN is available in most of the seminar-rooms and in the foyer. In case of problems help from local experts is available.

Access to DESYs Guestnetwork:

The end device has to be equipped with a WLAN-Card, the network interface has to have DHCP enabled and no Networkname (SSID) has to be supplied as it is broadcasted by the access points. This way the PC will automatically get an IP-Address from DESY's guestnetwork and unrestricted internet access is provided. Network services offered by the internal DESY network can only be reached via DESY's firewall and thus have restricted access.

Compilation of presentations:

All talks and presentations of the meeting will be collected (preferably in electronic form), and they will be made public on the conference WebPage.


last update: October, 29,2004